Women in Big Data - Podcast: Career, Big Data & Analytics Insights

2. Becoming A Data-Minded Organization - A Talk With Tina Rosario (SAP)

June 10, 2022 Help To Grow Talk Episode 2
Women in Big Data - Podcast: Career, Big Data & Analytics Insights
2. Becoming A Data-Minded Organization - A Talk With Tina Rosario (SAP)
Women in Big Data: Career, Big Data & Analytics
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Listen to how you can become a data-minded organization, including, e.g., what our experts learned along the way: Tina Rosario, Chief Data Officer, Europe at SAP and Executive Board Member & European Regional Director at Women in Big Data, and Valerie Zapico, Managing Partner at Valkuren. Your podcast host is Desiree Timmermans, Director at Data Innovation Talk.


The Role of Big Data

  • What is the role of big data in becoming a data-minded organization?

Becoming Data-Minded - Diversity & Inclusion

  • How do diversity and inclusion contribute to becoming a data-minded organization

Becoming Data-Minded - Lessons Learned

  • Becoming a data-minded organization is a step-by-step process: what did Tina Rosario and Valerie Zapico learn?

The Future of Data-Minded Organizations

  • What will the future of data-minded organizations look like? 

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Intro - Becoming A Data-Minded Organization
What is the Role of Big Data in Becoming A Data-Minded Organization?
How do Diversity and Inclusion Contribute to Becoming a Data-Minded Organization?
Becoming a Data-Minded Organization is a Step-By-Step Process: What did Tina and Valerie Learn?
What will the Future of a Data-Minded Organizations Look Like?
Outro & Next WIBD Podcast Episode with Saskia Van Uffelen (DigiSkills Belgium)